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Water Damage Remediation


Stop water before it's too late


Since water travels easily through a structure, emergency response needs to be immediate in order to minimize damage. If left unchecked, water can cause extensive damage to contents, furnishings and the structure itself. It can also pose a serious health risk by acting as a breeding ground for bacteria and contamination.


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Tips to Minimize Damage


Remain calm! Contact your Emergency Services Contractor or building management.


Stay away from all appliances, and if safe, turn off breakers to affected areas.


If electrical equipment, wires or receptacles are or may become wet, call an electrician.


Place aluminum foil or plastic under the legs of any wood furniture in contact with wet carpet,

especially antiques. This avoids transferring colour from the wood to your carpet.





Do not - Use a vacuum cleaner.


Do not - Walk on carpeting more than necessary.


Do not - Place newspapers on the carpet.